Floral Pet Snuffle Mat (with Suction Cups)

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Why buy a snuffle mat for your dog? Snuffle mats are great mental and physical stimulators for dogs. These mats help dogs in using and sharpening their sense of smell and hunting skills.

Snuffle mats are specifically designed to help and ‘make’ your dog look for food by sniffing and foraging. These mats mimic grass and outdoor areas and encourage food foraging in dogs. Searching and working to get the food is a basic and natural doggie instinct and these mats help in stimulating it.

Wash Style: Hand Wash
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Pattern: Floral
Item Type: Pet Snuffle Mat
Material: Other
Material: Felt
Accessories: 3 Suction Cups
Product size: 15.75x4in

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