"The Litter Kwitter" - 3 Step Cat Toilet Training System (with Optional Litter Mat)

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The world's #1 cat toilet training system!

All purchases of Litter Kwitter come with full training both in a printed booklet and a DVD which leads you through each of the training stages: Red, Amber and Green. The videos from the DVD are also available on YouTube.

The Litter Kwitter is a 3-step cat toilet training system developed to work with your cat's natural instincts to gradually switch from using a litter box to using a toilet. The base plate fits all standard sized toilets and holds 3 different sized color-coded disks that hold cat litter. Your cat is trained by using the toilet-shaped litter pan placed on the floor next to the toilet, then with the full pan placed on the toilet, then changing disks incrementally, each having a larger hole in the center and less litter in the outer ring so that your cat gradually gets used to aiming into the toilet and is weaned off the use of litter to cover up waste. The system has been proven to work for cats of all ages, as long as they are physically able to jump up on the toilet seat and maintain balance.

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